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A quick overview of the confusing words people in the e-cig world like to toss around presented in rapid format.

Beginners Guide to eGo based Electronic Cigarettes, 00:58 Step 1 e-Liquid/Nicotine (VG+PG / Nicotine Strengths) 02:17 Step 2 Battery/Cartomizer 04:33 Step 3 …

Alex from The Electronic Cigarette Company guides talks us through the YoYo Promo discount feature on the website.

Struggling to refill your VariVolt Storm? Check out our filling guide here…


A PBusardo Video – Beginners Guide to E-Cigs and E-Cig Tech A look at vaping, e-cigs, and e-cig tech. Review for some, brand new information for others. Let’s start off the new year by welcoming all the new vapers! Links seen in this video: www.the12volt.com www.ohmslawcalculator.com Topics discussed in this video: Main parts of an E-Cig, Atomizers, cartomizers, & clearomizers, Resistance, Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage/Power, Amp limitations, Mean vs. RMS settings and measurements If you feel this video can help others PLEASE do share it!

Complete guide to different E-cigarette model and key differences.