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Electronic Cigarettes are only for those of legal purchasing age in your area.

Advantages of smoking e-cigarettes –
• It is considered as a healthier alternative to normal cigarettes as it contains only nicotine and not the other harmful chemicals
• The biggest advantage is that people around do not get affected by it as it vaporizes in the air and hence passive smoking is completely eliminated
• It is safer to use than normal cigarettes as the use of lighters and match sticks are avoided.

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EXTRAIT – La ministre de la santé, Marisol Touraine, s’est dite favorable à l’interdiction de la cigarette électronique dans certains lieux publics.

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cigarette machines found in South africa.

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blu electronic cigarettes presents a look at nightlife with ‘The Color of the Mix’. Just because you can’t smoke in your favorite night club – that doesn’t mean you have to be left outside in the cold.