Vaping for beginners! Everything You Need To Know about Electronic Cigarettes!!

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Well its long and i’m sorry but it is what it is!! After this video you should know everything you need to at least to get started and know where you want to…


Michael Berman says:

Thanks for your time and effort! Great vid and very helpful. Really

Erik Berg says:

That probably covered it! nice video mate! you saved many people’s trouble
by making this video. Great, great and just great. Ordered two Evod Twist
1100mAh last friday, with MT3 clearomizers. After watching this video I’m
now prepared. And it also made me realize that a cartomizer of some sort
would be a good thing to get later on. Though I had a vaporizer before with
a tank (Ego-T).. but I think a clearomizer is a step up to something better
at least. The tanks doesn’t have a good build quality and the clearomizers
seems cooler and more functional. ?

SOTMead says:

A great video, and as a fellow believer in “as few video cuts as possible”,
I’m impressed with your technical presentation as well.

I’m planning to get a Kanger eVod kit to share with a friend, figure I can
branch out from there.?

Lance Hamilton says:

Awesome video! This cleared up so many questions that I had! Oh, and I
loved the Forest Gump impression at 29:55!! :D I would totally hang out
with you lol
BTW I swear by the KangerTech Protank-2! It’s so simple and it works very

Carrie Averill says:

Awesome video?

Rob Waterman says:

great information, presentation. never thought i’d ever watch a talking
head for an hour on youtube, but you proved me wrong. can’t wait for more.

Nancy Bout says:

I need to learn how to coil etc I’ll get there lol ¥¥¥¥¥below posts¥¥¥¥¥?

Dennis Santos says:

That’s some video! Subbed!?

Bill Cooper says:

Entertaining, amusing, informative and inspirational. I tried the e-cigs
and being a heavy smoker, they didn’t do the job.
I’ve been on the internet researching but your video explained things much
Thanks again.?

Andrew Delashaw says:

Wow they really make this a pain in the ass! Punching holes with random gas
valve fittings from the hardware store that has absolutely nothing to do
with vaping (I hate even saying that word because it sounds stupid). What a
friggin hassle. I just want to vape and be done with it. This seems
likevyou have to bring a whole kit with you when you leave the house, you
cant fill it and leave for the day and not mess with it. How dumb.?

Nancy Bout says:

My guess is it lasts long time my one clear mizer broke and juice went all
over ?

carter roestel says:

I’m wanna start baling and this video was a great help but I’m still fuzzy
on what I need to get and how to keep it clean and things. If u could kik
me or txt me it would be great. My kik is carterroestel. PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

joshua heisler says:

im pretty new i got a iclear 30 with a ego twist by lrider from my local
shop how do i stop occasional leakage to the battery??

Joseph Kelly says:

Last week my doctor broke bad on me..said no more sugary drinks (diet soda
and water only) and without skipping a beat said and I want u to quit
smoking..I rolled over a like a dog folded my paws and said OK OK…I have
researched a lot on vaping.. A friend of mine last night said during
conversation here try mine…on videos people hit em a long time so I hit
the button and took a slow long drag and I felt it hitting my throat..I
made the duck noise like I had hit a joint and without any grace spit and
coughed to which he doubled over in laughter calling me a rookie.. Tomorrow
is the big day…although I’m afraid I’m gonna a sound like sling blade
going to mg smoke shop ” I want of them there vaporizers mm hmm” but I’m so
excited best video hands down period.. Thanks buddy?

Dennis Augello says:

I’m a new vaper and wanted to get your thoughts on the halo triton tank
system. Thanks!?

Rangerman9404 says:

You should have hit on bottom coil tanks like the evod and Kanger Pro
Tanks, they don’t have to be tilted up like the Vivi Nova and at least in
my opinion don’t look cheesy like the Viva Nova Tanks. I like the evods on
an ego twist battery for a nice portable set up for travel, they look good
together and they’re nice and portable, while a mod like a VAMO with a
Kanger Pro Tank 2 is my goto for home vaping. I drive for a living so
dripping cartos is really not an option, I want something I can fill once
and run all day?

Nancy Bout says:

Thanks so MUCH.. Watched first half now off to second half great video!!
Now I get what an Ego twist is lol probably best for me to start with
thanks again.. ?

GalvanizedChaz says:

6:25 what kind of atomizer are those shorter ones, because I’ve been
searching high and low for that particular one but can’t find it anywhere.?

Stan Stone says:

Thanks very much Jeff…just wondered if you had any updated websites or
newer models of your recommendations… I am a cig smoker ready to jump on
whatever you recommend so I am buying beginner items…if you can advise
some items for around $150 or so that would be great…. thanks in advance
for all your help… Stan?

ultimate fuccboi says:

I subbed because I like your rabbit, good video too very informative and
easy to grasp?

Anthony Hanna says:

Great Video, I found great vape stuff at a great price at Vapeprime in
Parsippany, NJ. You should check it out?

saney V says:

Like Rob said, I also have never before watched a video this long about a
guy talking on the camera but now I did. I ordered my first “starter kit”
yesterday (eGo 900mAh and Vision CE4+ clearomizer) and have been watching
eCig videos and reading stuff about them online ever since and I really
liked this one ! When I’ll get some more money I’m definitely getting the
Vamo V5 also, but havent really decided if I want a Vivi Nova or iClear 30S
cause they both seem good. Thanks for the video ! Got yourself a

Forrest Nelson says:

how do you know if you have the wrong sized tank??

Stephen Ellis says:

Thanks Jeff for the response on expiration of e juice I found a link!/ to
a forum but then don’t really know either. I have another question however
I cant seem to get all the flavor out of my Pro Kanger II when I clean it.
You have any tricks??

Daniel S. says:

What is the best way to go if you don’t want to buy new carbonizers? Is
there something that will hold your juice that can last forever??

Mark Buckle says:

Lol I don’t believe I just watched your whole video, but as a new vapper,
(is there another word we could use?) I found it VERY INFORMATIVE! Had a
good laugh while learning things and lost count how many times you dropped
something! Lol, many thanks from across the pond, subbed?

darren kawasaki says:

thank you so much for your help.i bin on a e-lites. but im going vaping
tomorrow ?

ltetobago says:

Lots of useful information but too chopped up and not beg friendly?

Alessia Aikley says:

Why do some people use cartomizers that you have to prime, when you can
just get a clearomizer like the kanger tech pro tank, that is so much
easier to deal with? What is the real world difference??

devilhahalo says:

liked and subbed
worth it

Bradley Comer says:

Just wanted to say thanks for what I think is a very good and informative
video. I am new to vaping but loving it so much more than regular smokes. I
went with the Halo Triton and it is working flawlessly.. Thanks again for
the video. Keep up the great work!?

karunald says:

How is this for beginners? Dripping? Then I see a vice or something? ?

Dustin Phillips says:

I just over tighten my iclear 30s a push the post down lol all is good now?

Vape Lovely says:

I started Vaping heavy with the C Twist and a Vivi Nova tank. I’m now
getting into all the different Mod’s and tanks out there. Although I like
the Provari, Davinci and Tesla Mod’s, for the price factor, I still use the
C Twist and Vivi Nova tank daily. It’s a much lighter-weight set-up and
carries well while I’m wearing a suit. Vape On!!!?

DrNo Nofunclub says:

even as a well experienced and informed vaper, I found this educational and

thanxalot from Holland?

dave turner says:

saw this in your description jeff and it wrong you should edit it

“If you have a standard ego or one battery mod then you are at 3.7 volts”

your right about the ego it’s regulated to 3.7 volts

but a 1 battery mechanical mod will output the battery’s charge which is
4.2 volts and as the charge drops the voltage drops the reason they are
called 3.7 volt battery’s is it the half way charge point

get a lcd meter and switch it to V – 20 then place the red pin on the
positive end of the battery and the black pin on the negative side of the
battery this will display the charge state of your battery as you use it
the voltage will drop from 4.2V once it’s lower than 3.2volts the battery
needs recharging?

ColonelK0rn1 says:

By far the most informative video that someone who was looking to get into
vaping could watch. You were concise, and explained everything that I
needed to know. I watched other videos and was confused. I stuck with you
for 75 minutes, and am now ready to make my purchases. Smoked cigarettes
for 17 1/2 years, and quit on June 28th, 2013. Sadly, I picked up a pack
two weeks ago, and I can’t stand the smell, but I crave the nicotine. I’ll
let you know what I get! Thanks a million.

Ash Ketchum says:

Been vaping on my Vamo V2 VW at around 7.0 – 8.0W (2.2 ohms) for couple of
weeks now. The vape has been good but really cool. Been a bit scared of
breaking my atomizers with any higher. Seen a lot of charts and most show
8.0 and higher in “red” area, which means it would give burnt taste/dry
vape and possibly even burn the atomizers. Around 15 mins in to this video,
you started talking about warm vape with higher voltage etc. and decided to
put it up to 9.0 and holy fuck. It’s just the right for me. Good warm vape,
more vapor and great taste! Thanks!?

Shelby McClean says:

If I have a adamizer that’s 3.2 ohms can I turn the vults to 5.0?

Jennifer Haske says:

Thank you for this very helpful !?

kevys00 says:

Thanks for the vid some useful info. I never realised that switching to
ecigs could be so complicated?


Karen Lee is a 73 year old woman who has given up her fifty-five year habit
of smoking cigarettes through vaping. Amazing lady!
#IMPROOF presents Karen Lee?

RojoBemol says:

Or is there a way to vaporize dry herbs changing the chamber or tank? So
for example, I buy a standard e-liquids vaporizer, and change the tank for
a dry herb chamber to vaporize weed? Please someone tell me haha.?

Jamie Penland says:

great video, I JUST started researching today, and thanks to your video I
was much more informed when I went to the local E-Liquid store today to
make my first purchase. Subbed, awesome work, bring us more video reviews
and such. Enjoyed it a lot.?

Taylor Mercury says:

So if I don’t smoke and I want to vape is that just a stupid idea? Am I
hurting myself at all? Is there a nicotine free liquid you can use to
vape? ?

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