Vaping / e-cig tutorial for complete beginners

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Hey guys. Interested in vaping / e-cigs? This video will tell you which equipment to buy, where to buy it from and what to do with it when it arrives. 10% di…


Nickolai Noble says:

Best tank to get is the Kanger? Tech Pro Tank

TermsofServiceATM says:

He doesn’t? inhale?

TermsofServiceATM says:

Ego ce4 is? reliable and only £16 Beth

wildarmtins says:

Thanks ^_^?

wildarmtins says:

To be? fair, the video was made over a year ago, before the vamo was even invented :-P

Fred Bloggs says:

dont waste your time and? money buying this ego garbage..the batteries breakdown,dont fully charge,cartomisors leak etc….do what i did and get a Vamo and tank.

william anderson says:

Hello eCigarKit com has the best American made? products eCigarKit com is providing electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, e-juice, smoke juice and all the accessories that go with them. Check it out

Belgar says:

i like? you man

Skyda8 says:

Skyda 8 Personal Pen Vaporizer!
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oriolesbreadzassyria says:

hey i have? a match-free but i dont here the crackling sound when i push the button and hit it.

wildarmtins says:

Head over to? the ukvapers and e-cig-reviews forums. The vaping community is generally super helpful with any issues you might be having :-)

annealive5 says:

Now my ego battery/charger & juice/cartos have arrived, I cant seem to set the bloody thing set up properly!? Searchin through sites for advices. Desperate for a good vape after weeks of a 10 Motives crappy one! Cheers, your vid still super helpful.x

wildarmtins says:

You’re welcome! Though some of the info may be a little out of date now? :-P

annealive5 says:

Brilliant! Thanks for your help.xx?

Hunter Small says:

Super Meat Boy!?

wildarmtins says:

You should see some of the crap I’ve collected since I? made this vid :-P

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