Totally Wicked Tornado – E Cigarette Review

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This is my review on the Totally Wicked Tornado E Cigarette Message me if you would like to find out how to get one of these bad boys SUBSCRIBE.


Fred Dee says:

Good marketing :)

amigomatt says:

I just ordered my Tornado T. Don’t know why I took so long about it but I
hope it keeps me away from cigarettes… Very funny English accent by the
way, made me laugh! Greetings from across the pond :) ?

Audrianne Giroud says:

Ok, I want this. I came to YouTube to check out some reviews first. Should
I go through you for a discount? This is currently a bit over $50 on the
Totally Wicked website…?

spencerrollo says:

If i order one do you come with it…? :) ?

TJ Caron says:

Lol love your personality.

Oz Harman says:

Just ordered my one here in the uk …u are very cute bythe way

jiros00 says:

I like your English accent. Greetings from England.

gunqlay says:

10/10 would vape with

cohibabobby says:

Nice review and damn you are cute

menyu says:

nice thick smoke, looks great.

jasonmr7271 says:

think your vid is great– have you tried the vapor bar store brand?

Bryan Orem says:

The Tornados are a bit bulk… if you prefer something smaller they have a
Tornado Slim. The whole kit is 50-60 bucks. Make sure to get the 36mg if
you are currently a regular smoker. I tried the 18mg and it just didnt
completely do the trick for me. But this thing is amazing.

Kjbeachler says:

You just google totally wicked tornado and itll take you right to the site
to order it! Haha thank you greetings from America my English friend!

Sally Williams says:

hey, how do i order one of these?

Khalid mehmood m says:

Nice grin!

hwuuhw58 says:

good spokesperson..good video-pretty girl

scrymusic says:

I have one…it is awesome! Haven’t had a real one in over 2 mnths… Been
smoking for 25yrs… Love it!

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