The Negative Side Effects of Vaping!

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Are there any negative side effects of vaping? I tell you the truth, plus I answer the age old question…can e cigs blow up in your face? My Favorite Ecig: …


sahand h says:

man ur funny you should do more comedy videos. I subscribed for? the laughs man thanks!

SlowMoSmoke says:

“anything else im not saying” weed ?

tLxInfamous says:

LOL? might subscribe to you just cause of this video. thank you for the laughs

Mike Jon says:

Haha well played? sir you are a funny dude

poeticromance says:

you guys both know you’ve just been arguing with someone who’s username is suckmaaahcaaack? really, can anyone really take anything he says serious? he’s just being? a troll and you guys are falling right into his trap. he could be completely right and he would still be wrong. Just be mature and let him be ignorant.

StraYCaT3001 says:

LOL vaping allowed ya to discover the art? of spinning things on your finger! :)

Jimmy Lim says:

search “EGO CE4 1100 mAH Personal? Vape Pen” on EBAY for a great kit! Especially for starters!

ChunkyChest says:

loool at the balancing? side effect

ChunkyChest says:

cigarettes are nasty.. I’ve quit for? 6 years after 30 years of nic addition. Fvk cigs

Alex Alebaster says:

I lost my shit so hard when the? e-cig lit fire and you threw it! LMAO
That’s the best thing I’ve seen all week. Ha, Happy Vaping Chris.

webbhat says:

this guy is hilarious if your? ever in cali hit me JK but seriously cali has the best green and its easier to get than cigarettes

Eddie Lopez says:

You smoking a Vape?? Looks like combustion..

Khang Le says:

You’re hilarious!! Lol?

supersnailflopper says:

yea I can spin random things on my? finger to!

lbeesntdeirx says:

What a? fucking joker!

Lo Finao says:

I was wondering how much vapor do you? usually get? 5ml, 10ml or 30ml?

Jack Schofield says:

LMFAO. This guy is funny as HELL! LMFAO. I just made a 1.9ohm coil for my Octopus RDA…. This video popped up… LMFAO. I? nearly dropped my mod laughing so hard.

CreamofFetus says:

Yeah? man!

emmijuice says:

Ever since I started vaping I was able to spin any item on my fingertips too! I also began doing back flips off the couch. Is that weird? My Dr told me it was totally normal though, so I’ll just have to ride out the symptoms. :P ?

kmincemeyer says:

You’re? a funny bastard.. LOL

ShotgunSandwichENT says:

You rock, dude,? haha!

stressedken says:


stressedken says:

i? bought a mini vivi nova tank-5.can i up the voltage on magnum to 6.00?

Kevin Lin says:

Mix some hash oil with? non-flavored e-juice :D

xraycat30 says:

Won’t that be cool when they make THC vapes? ?

Tee Boner says:

you’re a bitch. you were born a bitch. you will die a? bitch.

Rick Gamoneda says:

That? was funny as shit!!!!!!!!

Andro Price says:

Haha this guys funny-? subscribed

Sandy C. says:

people don’t? need English skills for youtube dumbass.

TakaS013 says:

I don’t give a fuck in what the hell u have to tell me. So mind ur own damn business and? stay the hell out of mind. Plus, I don’t have to good English skills on here just to be taken seriously, as long as someone gets their point across that’s all that matters- not just some words I misspelled by accident.

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