Thank You for Vaping: Libertarians vs. New York City’s E-Cig Ban

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“[E-cigarettes] are just as important for public health as childhood vaccines, antibiotics, sewer treatment, and water treatment,” says anti-smoking activist Bill Godshall of Smokefree Pennsylvania…


Stephen Mulkey says:

Here’s the real god damn issue. Many of us started vaping to get away from
smoke. So when you say that vapers have to vape with smokers you are
subjecting them to second hand smoke. Second hand smoke will fucking kill
you. So these laws are essentially murder.?

Ian Battles says:

You know why this law is bad? They counted down as a room full of
law-abiding citizens instantly became criminals, without a single change in

Penzare says:

I dont want to sit next to e-cig smokers, it makes my hair go curly. ?

volkswagenginetta says:

I as a libertarian vaped during this entire video. My support goes out to
you people!?

Adam Sternberg says:

And yet how much do you want to bet that 90% of the people in that video
voted in the idiots who passed this bill. Everyone gets so offended at the
Nanny State yet nobody wants to address the elephant in the room that the
nanny politicians don’t get elected by nobody. De Blasio won the NYC
election and received 75% of the vote. SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT! That’s 3 out
of 4 people in New York who voted in the very guy who’s campaign said he
would be doing things like this. So I’m sorry people of New York. You
LITERALLY asked for this. Not figuratively, LITERALLY asked for this and
now you’ve got it. I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. You got what you

lionfan96 says:

just one more piece of evidence that the fed doesnt care about your
health.. only profits of large companies.?

RayneSaltair says:

It makes perfect sense who owns the tobacco companies, who don’t care if we
die because they know they can’t be sued for anything related to tobacco?
They see this as losing money.?

solomon kane says:

i dont want to be in tha same room with them. they still stink. thake that
stuff outside.?

Rafael Lopez says:

New York has become a joke. The nanny state.?

Reason says:

WATCH: Are e-cigs the most important public health breakthrough of our

Truthseeker905 says:

Can you vap Marijauanna oil in one of these eCIG devices??

Dark Day Ministries says:

Hey Reason, whilst I agree, I have heard a number of folks saying that
e-cigs are actually bad for you and still carcinogenic. I’d be interested
to hear which side of the argument everyone else believes.?

Larry Fine says:

This was a fun event, but I’m not really visible in the coverage here.?

hammerhiter7 says:

Once again you can thank liberals progressives like +The Young Turks +Cenk
Uygur +Sam Seder @davidpackman & others like them for this ban their ideals
of controlling ppl behavior & the facist state of new york & most likely
big tabaco is behind the ban?

Fido Barks says:

It’s really hard to deny a simple fact… the only people that will benefit
from regulation of e-cigs are the big tobacco companies that are losing
money to this growing market.

Right now they have ZERO footprint in the e-cig business but as soon as it
becomes a multimillion dollar regulatory nightmare, they can jump on in
having built the market on small business and then pushing them out via
onerous regulations that only they can afford to comply with.

All of this will be pushed through our representative governments because
they know one simple truth, big tobacco pays their taxes.

The government has no interest in seeing people quit smoking or get
healthy, they simply see dollar signs and if they are losing cash on people
quitting smoking then they are darn sure going to make that money back with
whatever new habit they take up…

Can’t wait till they start taxing porn and condoms….?

hal0bend says:

I’m guessing if they did something idiotic like nationwide banning or
exhoribitant taxation that ecigs and their products will go underground
into the silkroad, etc…its all about money and the lost taxation that the
govenrment is receiving as more and more people switch….?

GenXRanter says:

Smoker of 20 years. Tried everything to quit with no success. Got to the
point where walking up 3 flights of stairs would leave me gasping for air.

Picked up an eCig 2 years ago and never looked back. Now I can run up
those stairs!?

D1E5ECT says:

Jew York city ?

bisquik3006 says:

It blows my mind how fucked this country is. Not very long ago cigarette
smoking was acceptable. Within a decade it was bastardized. About two
years later anything resembling smoking was bastardized. It wouldn’t
surprise me if they started jailing people for ever smoking. BURN OLD

sniper6081 says:

This ban is based on the most simplistic, small-minded, childish mindset
that only a politician would be capable of. It’s looks like smoking, so it
must be smoking. After this maybe they’ll classify the sky as an ocean
because it’s blue.?

daPlumber702 says:

Gavin Mcinnes Sighting! Vape on bros and broettes?

FinalLugiaGuardian says:

Seriously, screw you Bloomberg. Hopefully in a few years when or if this
stupid law is repealed the people of New York will see you for what you
are: a man who was on the wrong side of history.?

Cody Bowman says:

How many absurd laws are we going to allow to pass while still paying taxes
and taking this shit all the time. Every day it’s something new and equally
absurd or more so than the last. I am TIRED of this going on and on this
way. I personally have been ready to take a stand for a long time, but all
that happens is talk. Our talk gets shit on, and their talk is paid for by
us and used against us. I’m fucking ASHAMED of my fellow countrymen. The
time to stand up and fight back was long ago, but it’s not too late yet I
don’t believe. ?


Idgaf, i was vaping a bar in nyc today. no guff from anyone, even the
racist old fuck next to me. ?

coffeefish says:

It’s like smoking your conscious!?

Michael Haimerl says:

Of course there are no people dieing from vaping, because it hasn’t been
around for that long. I’m not saying that there ever will be, but please
don’t use arguments that basically beg for a snarky response you would
expect from “the daily show”, just saying.?

themostdismal says:

Nicotine is not even a toxin in the strict sense. Lifelong nicotine use may
dose-depently reduce by more than half the risk of developing Parkinson’s
disease and it has shown remarkable effects in treating mild cognitive
impairment, a condition which often develops into Alzheimer’s. From the top
of my head: Euler, Einstein, Niels Bohr, Feynman, Oppenheimer, von Neumann
and most great authors were smokers. Some unfortunately died of smoking
related illnesses.

Now we can have the good without most of the harm. It has already been
shown in Scandinavia that making available safer forms of nicotine, in that
case “snus”, strongly reduces the incidence of smoking related illnesses.
Snus was banned in the EU in 1992.

Marx was right about one thing: tragedies are repeated as farce. Now, how
do we get rid of collectivism for a century? ?

baianoise says:

The New York city is probably the worst of the American Big cities; at the
very least she is the city that took away more individual liberties than
any other city.?

HeatForce says:

I’m not familiar with the e-cig but I am familiar with vaporizers. I
recommend vaps over burning whatever you’re smoking because it’s better for
your lungs and it hits you harder. One downside to vaps is you tend to use
more “material” than you would with a bowl and that is a slight problem for
me as the state I live in hasn’t evolved or at least the laws haven’t. So I
tend to favor my bowl because the “material” I’m after is hard to come by.?

bigred2989 says:

Then a cop walks in a midnight and yells: STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!!!?

Jim Cid says:

Just bought myself an e-cig, former 3-pack-day smoker no longer smoking.
Ban them and fukkit! I will go back to smoking AND I will be an A-hole
about it!?

bweazel says:

NYC… you are such pussies now. You hear about some stupid ass rule coming
from there every week. Grow up you sissies and take care of yourselves.?

Ghastly Grinner says:

just do what you want with your life stop listening to the governments

adrian james says:

Bought my first ecig 24 days ago, haven’t smoked a cigarette since, was a
pack a day smoker before I got my ecig. ?

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