RYO cigarette machine The Enhancer for the Top-O-Matic

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This video shows how to use and put the enhancer on the Top-O-Matic home cigarette rolling machine. To purchase one, please go to amazon.com and search “Top-O-Matic with the NEW Enhancer”.


Sandra Trevino says:

just a month ago gave my dad a top-o-matic for his birthday and today my
mom says he wants THE Enhancer. from my search results I see it will cost
another $170 to get the Powermatic II with THE Enhancer. Hmmmmm….. I’m
thinking he’s cranking a little longer…?

rock Onmyboi says:


chris randell says:

Hi Jennifer, can you inbox me so I can give you my postcode in the UK
please. Thanks x?

chris randell says:

For those who are asking about the tobacco sticking out the end, this is a
good thing. All you need is a pair of good scissors to cut it off at the
end and yu will end up with a cig that looks professional!?

chris randell says:

I am assuming that if this works with the Top o matic, it will also work
with the top o matic 2?

Danny Hamby says:

im getting one of these tomorrow. guy at my local rc flying field was
showing us them…He is sup. to bring me one tomorrow night.. cant wait to
save some money.

Jennifer C says:

Hi Keith! These are $40. Sometimes we set up at the Web Road flea market.
You can also call me to purchase one. I take credit cards over the phone or
I can send you an invoice via PayPal and ship one to you. Shipping would be
$6. Thanks, Jennifer 336-472-1342

Keith Bayne says:

i just purchased a top o matic. love it ! i really would like to have one
of these enhancers too. where do i order,how much are they.im just below
Albermarle,near carowinds.

Stephen Wilson says:

I just emailed you about getting one for the Powermatic 2. I’d really like
to see a video of one for the powermatic 2, as well, please.

David Marsters says:

I bought the Enhancer and it works great. Makes rolling your own cigarettes
alot faster Glad I bought one

Jennifer C says:

Joe, we invented this. Top-O-Matic does not have these as of yet. If you
are in Albemarle, please come see me. M-F 9:30 to 5, Sat 9:30 to 2.

Homer InNC says:

wow youre right up the road from me (I’m in Albemarle) I’m thinking of
coming to get one!!

Homer InNC says:

is this a device you’ve invented or does topps sell this for the topp o

Jennifer C says:

No. Sorry.

Jennifer C says:

It will be another year before we make this for 100′s. Sorry.

Jennifer C says:

We do not make one for the Mikromatic. Sorry.

Jennifer C says:

For the PM2, it’s $40 US without the PM2. It is much more for the PM1
because of material and labor. I’m not sure at this time about shipping
costs. It costs about $60 to ship one to Australia if that helps any. I
would need a postal code to figure correct postage.

chris TheMan says:

I have ordered a Mikromatic injector, as the PM1 broke….. too much brute
force lol, Will this work with the mikromatic? And can you give me a price
on how much the shipping would be to the uk please. My email is:
technicsorganman@gmail.com Love your accent btw

chris randell says:

Can you give me a price on both the PM1 and 2, also the shipping cost to
the UK please. I am so impressed!

Monika F says:

where can I buy this product? I ask you to answer! My email:

Jamie Landers says:

When are you going to offer one that rolls 100′s?

Jennifer C says:

This machine will not work for 100′s. it works best if you take off the
piece to allow the Top-O-Matic to roll 100′s though. That is why tobacco is
sticking out the end of the cigarettes. You simply pull that off and put it
back in the tobacco hopper.

Jennifer C says:

We do not have one for the tube cut machine.

Ruben Santiago says:

Will it work on the Tube Cut cigarette Machine?

bostonterrorsb says:

Her cigs were way over filled. It was poorin out

Realityisdeath says:

Where and how much could i get this attachment?

Krazykaaki Kkk says:

i love her texas accent u got my sub.

xD3THxADV0CATEx says:

Oh yeah great video BTW!

Ján Šutka says:

Kde sa dá zakupit taká plni?ka a kolko stoji-

Renie Nielsen says:

Will this work for 100′s?

Jennifer C says:

Chris TheMan, yes we make these for both, the powermatic 1 & 2.

Ed Jordan says:

Is that machine all plastic or is the body metal and the front plexi glass?
Also Im seriously interested in buying one of these things. Is there any
way to get a bigger or wider twist button added to the enhancer? You have
smaller hands than mine and it looked as if youre having a little bit of a
problem with it to get it to spin. I have very large hands and I think i
might have a very difficult time with it.

jesse101069 says:

what would total cost be to ship to 24523

Jennifer C says:

It works for both machines. There is tobacco sticking out the end because
we take off the piece that lets you roll king size. The Enhancer works
better without it. I just pinch off the tobacco and put it back in the
hopper. No waste!

Jennifer C says:

If you want this attachment, it is $45 US dollars plus shipping. You can
mail a check or I can take a credit card over the phone. Address: 345 Hasty
School Road, Thomasville, NC 27360, or call 336-472-1342. Thanks!

xD3THxADV0CATEx says:

I sthat the Top-O-Matic I or Top-O-Matic II? Or does it work on both? Also
why is there so much tobacco left sticking out of the end of the cigarette?
Is it over injected?

chris TheMan says:

This is f***ing brilliant. could there be one available for the Powermatic
1 or 2 maybe?

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