RYO Cigarette Machine The Dragster

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The Dragster LLC is a new machine on the market made exclusively in NC. For more information on this machine, please call Jennifer at 336-472-1342. My store …


Jennifer C says:

bamby91111, check out The? Enhancer RYO. It is for personal use.

bamby91111 says:

22 THOUSAND???? Wow! I just want one for personal? use…..I guess that’s off my list!

Jennifer C says:

They are? $22,500 US dollars. They are form the US. If yo are interested please e-mail thedragsterllc@yahoo.com for more information.

Ob Sia says:

how much ?and? how to buy ?from whey?

Ob Sia says:


sem1974h says:

ben? makinay? nas?l alabilirim bilgi lütfen

gökay özçoban says:

Bu makineye ula?abildiniz mi? gokayozcoban@gmail.com adresine bu ve buna benzer makinelere nas?l ula?abilece?ime dair bilgi verir? misiniz? Te?ekkürler.

Joe Sunshine says:

I have this machine for sale.When I buy it for a client,then he wasn`t able to pay me the total sum.It was purchased new from Fresh Choice for a $22k +..It is a very good machine.I am able to sell it for $15000.Free shipping for all over the world.E?? mail me on? joesunshine69?@hotmail.com

Jennifer C says:

I just replied? to it.

ömer özen says:

I sent an? e-mail jennijer

ömer özen says:

I sent an email to you right jennifer?

Jennifer C says:

Omer, please e-mail? me. There are lots of people on Facebook with your name!

ömer özen says:

If you? want to add me on facebook there’s talk about Jennifer from

Jennifer C says:

Omer, send me an? e-mail so I can send you the information. Thedragsterllc@yahoo.com Thanks

ömer özen says:

jennifer hi i would like to have? one in this machine How can I obtain turkey’m glad if you give me the information

Jennifer C says:

Ed, the price is $22,500 US dollars. This machine will run? 10 cartons an hour. If you make $10 a carton, the machine pays for itself in 23 days!

Ed Boress says:

Hi Jennifer, Interesting. The? price? is that $29,000.00????? Please say it’s a typo.

minggordon says:

does this thing really sell for 29,000? WHY would even a store or buisiness want to buy it for? that price it,s worthless to anyone!!

Phillip Iker says:

to much money for a house item.. it would take 30yrs? for this thing to pay for itself..

6977warrior says:

Sorry to hear the Feds are shutting? you down.

Jennifer C says:

Shipping to Ankara, Turkey is approximately $825.00 US and does not include tarriff. You are responsible for that. ? Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, Jennifer

bora kaplan says:

Hi jennifer, I’m in? such a machine, I would like to get the Turkey, how much it will cost you literally get the answer if you would

Jennifer C says:

I am in Thomasville, NC. I am wondering about the voltage in your country, but a? converter should work for you. Availability is about 2 weeks. Thanks!

Fulkhris says:

To make be sure to call you from? France in your availability, please tell me your name city. Thanks !

Jennifer C says:

For delivery to France, It would be approximately 32,000. That’s USD. It depends on what part of? France it is going to. Thanks!

Jennifer C says:

There is a machine in Pennsylvania.? Please call me and I will give you that information. Thanks!

Jennifer C says:

This machine sells for $29,500? with no royalties or territories.

mjocksix says:

Hi Jennifer,I spoke to you on Friday and forgot to ask where one your machines would be so i can physically watch and operate the machine i am located in northern new york state? near Massena,NY thanks for your time

Herbalette says:

Hi Jennifer,

What is the price of this? machine?

Fulkhris says:

How much with included delivery to France ? Thanks in? advance for your answer.

Sean Bateson says:

Awesome machine jen! Very tempted to? buy one!

Jennifer C says:

We are working on? making a new video with different angles. Hang in there!

Jennifer C says:

This machine can be purchased thru me.? Please call me at 336-472-1342. Ask for Jennifer, thanks!

dzionyz1 says:

where I can buy this machine.?

Tim Silverstein says:

Hey can you film the machine while running from some different? angles? Thank you.

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