Review of the MARKTEN Disposable E-Cig by Philip Morris / Altria

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My thoughts and opinions on the MARKTEN Disposable E-Cig by Philip Morris / Altria.


tartanpatience says:

Marks out of Ten AG (did you see what I did there ? :D )
for a ‘vaping device’ (not a cig-a-like) for a Vaping device what mark would you give it Duane ?
1 being utter shit and? 10 being satisfying/good/worth the cost ?

Danar Kist says:

This product is so bad! I suspect PM to want to disgust smokers to not start the e-cig. GM use this method? with electric cars few years ago.

Duane Greene says:

The NJoy has not been banned by the FDA. The FDA has not? made any rulings concerning ecigs yet. A decision may occur in October.

Velvet Cloud says:

The” enjoy” comes end of august in germany on the market. It is right that the enjoy was banned by the FDA? in the US?

Danar Kist says:

PLEASE Stop giving money to these MF Phillip Morris kill us for? so long time and now they just want our money. DONT BUY THIS SHIT ! Thank you

Duane Greene says:

I bought it at Speedway for $8.99.?

Jennifer Bertram says:

Which chains are they being sold at and for how much??

Zain Wolf says:

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they made it a piece of shit? on purpose.

Zain Wolf says:

Pretty much everything I expected to hear about this product, you? said. LOL

Duane Greene says:

It was not. Good? point!

Oly6t1 says:

I thought the Njoy was Ok although taste the same as others did 3 years ago…lol.
Looks like Philip Morris is taking a back seat? in this market.
Thanks AG. ~~:thumbsup:~~

Pat St John says:

could be? an rn4081, looked like it was a 510ish, unless I’ve got it backwards, then it could be an e9 (kr808-d2). thanks for the review ag.

Challenger Dart says:

Great review. Congratulations. You were the first one I saw commenting Makrten. I was curious as to how would be Markten. I cant imagine why it could have a taste so far from Marlboro Red They have the recipe and Makten its not tasting like Marlboro Red or as close as possible? This I did not understand. I hope they will correct? this failure.

rrridley726 says:

lol… killing bald eagles for nicotine!!! :P ?

Candi McCann says:

Was ‘flavoring’? one of the ingredients?

Duane Greene says:

Haha! You guys are going to break me!?

leo salvador says:

Give the second one away!?

317Vapers says:

lol yea thats? what I figured. I was just going to snag a free one for review too.

fucktopyo says:

Crapy? stuff!!!!

Duane Greene says:

You missed? nothing, and I just saved you $8.99

Duane Greene says:

I have done a review of the NJoy King. It’s on my channel.? ;-)

castello544 says:

Boycott njoy! They say they don’t want flavors!? ugh. they are decent though.

castello544 says:

5 year old tech! Stupid too. We need to boycott njoy to cause they don’t want any flavors. Bsp suggested Mini Analog Size Disposable E-Cig – 1. Tobacco 18mg from empire so I’ve ordered a few of those for emergency and to give to? newbs. I bought a disposable blu and it sucked big time. Super tight draw and little flavor or throat hit.

wasssabio says:

you should review the Njoy King disposable. favorite disposable to? date!

vabeach454 says:

What? a POS!! LMFAO

317Vapers says:

They were giving these away downtown at the Moto GP event and I showed? up too late.

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