Laura E-Cig from IWingsTech Mini EGO Style

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Amber Yeagy says:

it’s cute. I was looking at their site and I couldn’t find prices or ways
to order it either. boo?

RealVapeReview says:
BrandonJ123456 says:


Reighn Dae says:

I can see my fiance is going to want one of these in the leopard finish.
Peace and long life.?

contactpic1 says:

Dan, your videos are great, but honestly, stop reviewing eGo kits. They’re
all the same. You get a CE4/CE5/Kanger tank, a 350/700/900/1100/1300mah
battery and that’s it. It’s like you’re reviewing the same battery every
eGo video.

I would focus on different VV/VW devices, juices (which by the way I love
that you remain impartial on juice reviews even though you own a juice
company), mechs, and rebuildables. ?

MrWorld46 says:

Great video. Glad I subbed. ?

Yao Lisa says:

#ecig #ecigarette #vape #vapoirzer #atomizer #vape #atomizer #??? #???
#????? A video for Laura.?

Consolol says:

You really should turn the fan off to really represent how much vapor the
device is putting out. The fan dissipates it too quickly and makes it hard
to compare to other reviews. I think it’d also be helpful to mention the
pg/vg ratio of the juice you are testing out. just my 0.02 I’m a long time
viewer and it seems like you are making an effort to go more in depth with
your reviews so I thought I’d throw it out there. ?

Challenger Dart says:

Excellent review Dan. Amazing. Congrats. I loved it. Thanks.?

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