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This is a intro to the Channel 317 Vapers. Just explaining whats all going to be involved and what type of content that is going to be displayed. Stick aroun…


jjgowdy89 says:

I agree with you on the “cessation” idea. I initially started because it’s
MUCH CHEAPER. After not having a cigarette for over 6 months, I’m starting
to realize it’s really just a healthier alternative to smoking analog
cigarettes. Plus it’s become quite the hobby as well!!!?

flipdaskrip says:

Good channel bro first ever channel with nice quality picture cant wait to
watch u do more reviews keep it up best quality camera so far ?

317Vapers says:

Thank You, Have you tried E-Cigs/Vaping yet? You still have to have the
“Will” power but its a lot easier as you can control the amount of nicotine
you intake. So you can carve out those cravings when they get bad. But it
def works great for what it is.

hamerhead2 says:

Thanks for the video i just decided to quit smoking and started with the
blu. i dont mind it i ordered an ego starter kit 1100mah with kanger
protank 2. the blu will work till i recieve my ego but i smoked 2 1/2 packs
a day i believe this first week sucks lol.what do you think is a good nic
level to start ?

Papa Bear says:

I tried the blue disposable but at 10 bucks each its tough They only have 2
flavors and their not very good

Matt Memarian says:

I feel like its more like a portable hookah instead of an electronic

317Vapers says:

but hookah still has tobacco electronic cigarettes does not. But both have
the flavors lol

Papa Bear says:

awesome channel! I have tried to quit so many times I want to try something
else. looking forward to more info!

317Vapers says:

with that high of a smoker (same as me i was 2 packs a day if not more on
weekends) I started on 24mg and lowered to 18 in a month (seemed like the
mindset settled after the first month) and 18 seemed to handle the needs.
You’ll love the eGo kit compared to the blu, more performance. The blu is
great for a emergency kit as a backup though! thats what mine now is. It
stays in the truck just in case

317Vapers says:

I have not tried their juices sorry. But you might check ECF forum I’m sure
someone on there has something about their flavors!!

tyler tran says:

What kind of vape is that one in your left hand?

317Vapers says:

send me your email addy and i’ll send you a forum link you can check out
the new member section there (tons of info for beginners). and google Ego
batteries. & kanger t3′s or vivi nova’s they would be a great beginner kit
and you could get into it for around 50.00 which is way less then 1 months
price of smokes! email is my channel name at gmail dot com

317Vapers says:

yea the disposables are “Ok” (not really) in a pinch or if your out
drinking or you lost your vaporizer lol (only until a new one comes in)
HAHA. Blu’s flavors arnt that good and the only one I care for is the Vivid
Vanilla and I LOVE that one. but dont think they make it in disposable and
yea 10.00 each is stupid but again would be somewhat ok in Emergency

317Vapers says:

Yes its worked for me and bunch of other people I know that are long long
time smokers and switched with no problems at all.

loldatu says:

Nice introduction; I found your channel from a friend of mine showing me a
video about dry burning the wick (He was just searching for a video on how
to) and found your channel awesome. I was also wondering if you have any
recommendations for a sweet flavor from ECBlend (online e-juice store)
because I just can’t seem to find a good flavor to just enjoy! (Big sweet
tooth) Anyways regardless if you have or haven’t tried their store thanks
for your tutorials and I’m looking forward to more! :D

Papa Bear says:

Im a single dad on a tight budget and im not sure where to start

karenchakey says:

Thanks for sharing this is truly a great video! at least it is working for
you! I know people at work I think that is doing this but I’ll have to ask!

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