How To smoke marijuana with e cigarettes

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Monkey Army says:

Do you just take? the little white stopper out like he did with the dart, push the grinded bud inside and replace the stopper?

33smokefire says:

Don’t need paper or marker just grind the bud just bigger then the hole no THC oil either it just makes it smother with the oil but? still. If u put paper or color it green it looks suspicious so yea stay high!

Lou Catarino says:

Thank bud.? I’m gonna try it. Ignore the troglodytes. You’re cool.

MobZombi says:

I thank? smoking that computer paper is making you retarted.

Christian Munford says:

You are? retarded as fuck.

LIBERTYorD34TH says:

Good video in the fact that ive been curious to see if it works, but id say the whole point of this? method of consumption would be discretion if anything.not sure why you’d go out of your way to make sure it looks like a joint?

Composure2872 says:

E cigs were not made to help people quit sorry. Lol some ppl do that but dont say thats the reason why they were? made

Composure2872 says:

Just skip all the? bs steps

Arthur Setbon says:

I wanna? do that shit, but how can i make thc oil ?

AL Arteaga says:

I Agree!!! BIG? TIME!!!

alanpullela says:

Possibly? the funniest video on the internet, especially the explanation of the paper, the tape, the whiteness of said paper, the dirt resistant properties of the tape vs the paper ………LOLOL

Jimma Timma says:

All you dumb fuckers who got? addicted to cigerettes need to shit the fuck up. Just because some people like to smoke shit that won’t kill them doesn’t mean anything.

Lincoln says:

total? waste of my TIME!!!

MoralityManager says:

hey… how old? are you? you sound like froggy from little rascals! slow down in the smoke weaklungs!

abraham lincoln says:

not exactly they? were also invented to help people smoke more discreetly and in a safer matter.

FCKEVRY1 says:

Helps to be? white.

Aiden Kossick says:


Aiden Kossick says:

I’m tryin to get away wit smokin in public?

caaga231 says:

Why would you want to put paper on it? like its a joint I would rather hide it as a cig and no need to color something green just fucking smoke it b.

Samantha Wharf says:

what a dick

tigerfan6317 says:

Why are people bitching about him smoking marijuana? Not his fault you’re dumb enough to take up smoking cigarettes and now you can’t stop! Weed isn’t tobacco… Direct your anger towards the person you see in the mirror.?

Leah Holmes says:

Why are? people using ecigs to smoke hash oil your giving ecigs a bad name and the government more reason to ban them plus I don’t wanna walk around vapeing and people thinking I’m smoking pot? stop ruining things for people who wanna use ecigs to stop smoking buy associating them with drugs

BeastBeyblades says:

E Ciggs? are meant to help stop smoking not bea dumbass

prankmasterstove says:

What about purple??

prankmasterstove says:


jrowe12993 says:

This? fucker got dropped on his head when his mom was too drunk a couple times.

reinruof66 says:

Thats? 7:39 I will never get back.

mattuehara00 says:

Does hash oil get? you high? please respond

freeenchh says:

what? a son bahaah

namakamekejai says:

green sharpie? green marijuana?? coincidence? I DONT THINK SO

Michael T. says:

looks like a paul mall? light to me

MSCode says:

Amazing how many people missed the point of the video. The whole idea is !) you do not want to use tobacco to help burn the weed. 2) you don’t want a big? water pipe to cool smoke.
3) you might want to have a puff some place where you can’t roll a joint

Ceth Elliot says:

A good idea to convert an e cig to a joint, but don’t see the point in all the origami work; surely a? joint that looks like a cigarette would be better. You could maybe just protect the unit during the initial filling of the filter with oil using a kingsize rizla paper, then remove it after you’ve finished.

Donovan Wert says:

Vaping should be left strictly to those who want to quit cigarettes…not little wanna be stoners who don’t know their %$# from a cartomizer. LOL you funny little boy!?

JacobReadMusic ReadMusic says:

this is hilarious, you? obviously smoke far too much

ieatglue702 says:

I have no use for this buttt some people might I mean if you got pulled over? I doubt a cop would check inside your e cigarette .. thats a nice way to carry around what seems like an e cig but is a rdy to smoke joint

MLe Czyk says:

waste of time god damn? it!

Bryce Ruhl says:

feels. XD?

luckysureno says:

Do? u ever get pussy bro

Extreme BH says:

that is the shittiest e cig i? have ever seen

Skyda8 says:

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sortmasivci says:

Oh i misread the title where it says “I waste your? time showing you my arts and crafts skills”

Microslipp says:

This reminds me of my friend who took hash with him to Morocco.
This also reminds me of another friend? that took weed with him to Jamaica.
In other words, this is some stupid shit !!

THCapillaries says:


THCapillaries says:

Ur? an ass bro

Jaxecdedcd says:

this? is amazing im going to do this

Andrew Gomez says:


Eric Maier says:

John? Blazed

PJ Kazpa says:

Thats a Carto? butt nigget

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