Foos e-cig review

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Review on the foos brand electronic cigarette.


Anthony Farve says:

I also picked up? the ce5 cartomizer.. Works good too

Anthony Farve says:

Must be? in Topeka.. I was in the same boat and decided to say fuck it and started calling around groove shack has a decent selection

Marcus Mieseler says:

Those? are some badass vapor rings

Lara P says:

This shits? gay!

christopher robinson says:

Thanks drew it really does cheap and great quality ill put a video up soon on how to clean out the? clearamizer to change flavors with no aftertaste

danielbig123 says:

More videos!?

Drew chambers says:

God damn good review Chris. I just got one of these today and they kick ass. I have tried other smaller cig looking ones, and this one blows the other shit out? of the water.

christopher robinson says:

Yea lol I was a little slow? on it

ImagineKlutch says:

Never? mind you just said it. Sorry.

ImagineKlutch says:

Did you say it has a? charger with it?

danielbig123 says:

Foos? ecig review?

christopher robinson says:

Yea man they are totally worth it it saves money, you can vape anywhere and the flavors are awesome blueberry is my favorite? so far

Johnathan Gutierrez says:

Im buying? mine now

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