Electronic Cigarette super Mini, Hints On Getting More Vapour

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A tip on how to get more vapour from your Super Mini Electronic Cigarette. Have a look at my website at www.bebo.com/ecig


electroniccigaretteI says:

great video, hope? these things really take off they get some pretty bad press

teresatparillok says:

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delindaohqrn says:

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11111hawk11111 says:

It? isnt “Absolutely free” at least not for me. Maybe it depends on location but for me it was £7 Shipping.

steta500 says:

e? cigarette @ airport no problem!
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Olivia Ah says:

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ETigariNanoline says:

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Coil O'Wanny says:

I’ve got one aswell?

Adam O'll says:

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BeerNotPizza says:

i cant believe these things?? arent harmful. He even coughs as he ex-hales towards the end of the clip.

BeerNotPizza says:

i? cant believe these things arent harmful.

xeanth says:

yea…That “someone” was you…?

iamkickass1000 says:

Does the super mini? cap fit on the mini? Cheers

bboyjoey32 says:

Bless him he is? so proud of him self

ali mente? says:

Bu? ürünleri ve daha fazlas?na sahip olmak için esigaramerkezi. com herkezi bekleriz…

salmonspcristinep says:

HOLY shit that site that someone posted here about the ABSOLUTELY FREE E-Cig trial starter kit actually? works. And here is the web page link if anybody else had been hunting for it:

Jarod138A says:

how do it smell & taste? like?

Michael Laird says:

Try zerocig. Check out? the million dollar e cig review on youtube. Use promo code LAIRD to receive 10 percent off all purchases. Code is useful for indefinite use. Hurry up and use it before it get taken away!

Deepah213 says:

Damn i? love your accent! Nice video

Andrea Perlman says:

I did like using my electronic cigarette, but I still smoking tobacco cigarettes. On the days when I? use my e-cigarette, I did smoke less

tHeReVfoREVeRa7x says:

U? don’t even inhale u bitch

VidsAndTuts says:

Electronic ciggarettes supposed to be better? than tobacco?

lovemcqjq says:

my favorite ecig brand is lukra? ecigs here is a link to their site:

applemonkey187 says:

vigs is a? typo = cigs

applemonkey187 says:

i have used (clear) eliectric tape and it worked just as well.not the same brand of e cig but it looks exactly the same.2 holes…….well 1 now and it feels just like? the vigs i smoked

Dudeonline123 says:

Why did you eventually decide to trade in the feel of a real cigarette for a fake one?? Nice video by the way! Do you miss the burning that comes from a real cigarette?

jman12345678901000 says:

@ TBone14159 All you could infer from this is I dislike Scottish? accents, so thanks for the useless comment.

TBone14159 says:

It doesn’t take much to offend you, does it? Your? comment speaks volumes about you.

TBone14159 says:

Thank you for? a good demonstration, and for the advice about covering one of the holes. Please disregard the critics – this video did what you intended. It advised those of us who want to go from cigarettes to e-cigs.

Matthew Buckholz says:

hahaha this guy is awesome. I never thought of getting a tattoo on? my palm

brandon crossley says:

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jman12345678901000 says:

Your accent offends me.?

xrbong1 says:


Hobby331 says:

W? A R N I N G
E-cigarette can harm your smoking habit.

MrRandomlyness says:

Im loving how excited you are about the amount of smoke you get from the super? mini very impressed. Now go get yourself some cough medicine…

daveeeed99 says:

Thank you? so much for this great tip!

pottorffgjulenew says:

I recently been trying to get an E-Cigarette Free trial starter kit for a long time. It? eventually paid off. I got mines yesterday. Right here is the best way you may acquire one too:

asdf5234929 says:

????? ?????? ????????? ????? ????? ??? ??????? ????? ????????? ????? ?????????? ? ???????

LTDANMAN44 says:

why did you tatto the inside? of your hand?

sushiking56 says:

nice accent man ;DD?

CjGillian787 says:

awesome!!! ?

ajdmartyn says:

@Zampan0 I with you there bro! I’m 6 weeks in and this is the longest ever and I know I’ll never go back to those stinkys glad e cig came along.?

xrbong1 says:

beansmoking.co.uk ?? go see

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