Electric Cigarette Explodes in FL Man’s Mouth

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A Florida man trying to kick the smoking habit was puffing on an electronic cigarette when a faulty battery apparently caused it to explode in his mouth. (Feb. 16) Subscribe to the Associated Press: bit.ly Download AP Mobile: www.ap.org Associated Press on Facebook: apne.ws Associated Press on Twitter: apne.ws Associated Press on Google+: bit.ly


RAZlEL7 says:

so BUY eGo-C CE5+ 3V !!! ITS THE BEST? and will never explode :) ))

iDrink2ManyMonstahs says:


iDrink2ManyMonstahs says:


SimpleSalamander says:

This florida? man also heavily modified his cig himself. and dont listen to those get your e cig free. they all have small print saying stuff like after “X” amount of time you will be charged $100.

Also some sign you up for automatically billed and shipped refills. which can be a pain in the ass to get ahold of the company and go through their loop holes to get it cancelled.

Applefan222 says:

lol the top comments are e cig company’s trying? to deny make people buy e cigs..

quitsmokingtimeline says:

Most probably it is an isolated incident, or he could have done? something against the normal operating condition which made the battery to explode.

laserjik says:

That can happen but if it did doesn’t mean e-cigs are deemed DEADLY and should be? BANNED.

MrTrapper1017 says:

scam !!!!!!!!!?

DieMTLShow says:

Smokers? die earlyer

labradorumozellav says:

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StumpyHead79 says:

nahhh batteries? never explode lol

oilerrauroree says:

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yarika0325 says:

this is impossible!! how can a small battery made such a? damaged like that??

MrDeamon1 says:

right now I’m vaping an automatic joyetech 510 and the throat hit is stronger than a cigarette and sometimes i have to move the vapor away with my hand, just so i can see the monitor, my passthrough, even more so, he must have bought a product that was as crappy as my first purchase (HD smoke, i? felt like i was gonna throw a clot it was so hard to get a haul off it)

MrDeamon1 says:

your vaping, not smoking,? if others think its smoke it’ll be banned everywhere, no offense

hornerm5 says:

Yes, he modified the battery to make it longer life or more puff? out of it.

hornerm5 says:

he? tampered? with it.

TheBaRReT says:


xSNiiP3D says:

He modded dat shit just? like COD :|

galmannmedbart says:

wow? thats terrible.. how many people ended up setting them selves on fire the last year trying to light a ciggarette?

ciaraapirou says:

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mquiroz90 says:

Think? the cig maybe turned on its owner it just Detonate

Charles2337 says:

Either made in China or he tampered? with it.

MrDeamon1 says:

Don’t mod? your cig

MrDeamon1 says:

He modified it, I’d bet on? it

MrDeamon1 says:

just like kava kava taken off the shelf because one guy had a problem, this guy used the wrong type battery but the fda loves to use? one story and blow it up, what about tylenol deaths, real cigarettes……….don’t be zombies sheeple

jaywuzherealso1 says:

im smoking an e-cig right? now lol

MrTurbochargd says:

OK it’s important to get the facts straight here. Tom Halloway is a 2 year vaper. He was using a metal tube mod with no blowouts with series-linked lithiums as a battery to save money. The Chinese battery design has a built-in blowout and? it cannot (CANNOT) explode under normal conditions. Since his setup is completely home-built, it’s impossible to identify the “brand”. There is no brand except? the Tom Halloway brand. The lesson here is to not attempt to home-build the e-cig components.

sale83 says:

How many people? died of regular cigarettes and they are making a “story” about exploded e cigarette and a few broken teeth.

ScrapeNow says:

it took me about? 8 times or more I think until I’ve been able to stay cold turkey. I found smoking marijuana as replacement helped the nicotine withdrawl symptoms immensely. Actually studies have shown people who were cigarette smokers, smoking ganja have lowered risk of cancer not only because they ceased inhaling that radioactive tobacco but thanks to medicinal properties of cannabis. This only works after you’ve not smoked or decided to stop smoking cigarettes tho.

SKEEZIN08 says:

couldnt agree with you more…?

Zeppelintroll69 says:

I know man but the only problem with the vaporizer is you have to supply you’re own cannabiss to get high.I was saying more in line with having a product like a e cigarette that already has THC inside it.?

Gate4201 says:

Basically that was my point they finally found an accident with the ecig now they are going to blow it out of proportion when? analogs kill daily and never gets headlines like this is getting, it’s complete bull.The guy f’ed up and used a mod it blew up o well the damn things are still safer then plane’s and analog cigarettes but no they have to say e-cigs not so safe after all what a bunch of crap.

SKEEZIN08 says:

lmao bc that shit happens all the time no? suprise there retards falling asleep with a lit cigarette in there hand which i still cant fathom how u could possibly do that but i guess some people werent blessed with common sense lol and the media always tries to find something negative about everything and they cant seem to find anything that makes e-cigs harmful bc nicotine isnt actually a cancer causing agent all the other crap in the cigarettes are. so the battery is probably the focus

Gate4201 says:

I doubt it there’s no way this was a brand ecig it had to of been a mod all brands have safety? circuits to prevent this type of accident form occurring

Gate4201 says:

thye don’t know cause the unit was practically destroyed and the fact he is not saying means he likely made it from a MOD? site

Gate4201 says:

there are vaporizers for weed ?

Gate4201 says:

You shouldn’t let his story stop you from using an ecig he was using a? mod all e-cigs have safety circuit except if you modify it.

Gate4201 says:

They are right Nicotine in low doses is as harmful as caffeine but tar and the other 3999 chems in analog cigarettes cause disease but nicotine doesn’t.In? fact it has been reported that nicotine actually has medical benefits to people that have adhd and some others ones just google it for more on that.I have not had an analog in 11 months and have no desire for one. I love my e-cig and heck you can get cigar flavor even.

Gate4201 says:

it had to be a mod?

Gate4201 says:

Not as easy as it sounds at least for some of us? where nicotine is benefiting that person as nicotine does for me. I have tried to quit using every method known to man and only since I got my e-cig have I been able to finally quit.

Gate4201 says:

theres no doubt it was a mod I say the same thing had it not been a mod the whole world would no by now where it came from.But had to be a mod without a safety circuit mine shuts off before it gets too hot it doesn’t even allow the atty to get that hot but if your battery is getting hot you should feel it that’s when its time to give it a minute break common sense eh.why is this story bigger then the girl who just? burned to death from dropping her analog in bed?

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