E-Cig Review – 100% Legal E Cig Joint

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” over 500 hits to get you “baked” ” lol ingredients info – Tryptophan: http://www.erowid.org/smarts/tryptophan/ Melatonin : http://www.erowid.org/smarts/mel…

PinExt E Cig Review   100% Legal E Cig Joint
tafbutton blue16 E Cig Review   100% Legal E Cig Joint


UnloadinClipz says:

it doesnt get you “f*cked” if you will, but they def get you maaad mellow. i luv these things. you get the best sleep ever off them. i wouldnt? buy them if they didnt do anything. for sure pick one or 2 up and try em out. they last about an 8th each and your not smoking which is a great change if you dont like coughing. tnx for watchin man. one.

Christian Herndon says:

Does it get you high? Even if it doesn’t you think it’s? worth it to buy a couple?

LifeOfTeenagePothead says:

Very hard to find now. There was a dea raid on mhrb which contains dmt. So all the american shops closed down. You have to make it yourself and thats what ……. dont want to say on here ;) . I wonder if i could hook you up buy shipping it to you lol. Anyway ask? your dealers you sell psychedelics

Robert Scott says:

Hi where can? I get dmt?

Robert Scott says:

Do? they taste like weed?

Robert Scott says:

coo Vid Thanx Bro..

UnloadinClipz says:

really? thats nutz. i know all about dmt from joe rogan. yea it def makes you tired. and the melatonin is the same chemical that your brain produces when you enter the dream state. so basically you get super tired and have “awake dreams”. super cool and when you do wake up from sleeping off these things, you wake up sooo refreshed. like? the opposite of a hangover. :)

LifeOfTeenagePothead says:

DMT is derived from tryptophan and that stuff? is crazy, but tryptophan just make you tired.

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