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Linda T. Palmer says:

I’am a 66 yr old lady who purchased a blowone to help me with my cigarette habit,
of 42 yrs, it sure did help, i bought my 1st blowone 4 months ago, I had NO PROBLEM
with it , but I LOST it, I then purchased another one, it hasn’t worked properly since i bought it.
I’ve taken it back to the retailer 4 different times, they also put it on their charger it still wouldn’t
work, I was told by Hi-Life they couldn’t do anything for me that it was up to the COMPANY.
It may not seem like to a big problem to anyone but me, but being on a fixed income i don’t have the money to replace it, would you please advise me as how to handle this situation, the retailer suggested
I MAIL it to your company, but that would cost as much as buying a new tank.
It is a BLOWONE 650mAh T-2-2.
Please advise me so i can continue to tell everyone what a wonderful product the blowone is.
Thank You,
Linda T. Palmer

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