Best E-Cig MOD (PV) for 2013

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This is the best E-Cig MOD on the market today and for 2013. Check out the Website:


IndoorSmokers says:

Plus be sure to register for the forum on EpicEcigReviews. That’s my website and a? lot of people over there will give you advice on mods.

IndoorSmokers says:

Sure I can give you some suggestions for much cheaper mods. Check out my review for the ego twist I put a link to where you can get that for 50 bucks right now. It is a variavle voltage ecig mod with a range from 3.2 to 4.8 by twisting the bottom of the battery. Or watch my review for the LavaTube2 tonight or tomorrow. That is a very good VV ecig mof for about? half the price of the Provari. I also have reviews for the egot and the egot2 upgrade so you may just wanna browes some of my mod reviews

iEysi says:

I’ts quite expensive.? Can you give me some cheaper brands but almost the same quality?

vyaschady says:

Hi, what is the? brand and where can we get it?

IndoorSmokers says:

Yes, the term got coined when people originally modified the ecigs themselves to get more vaper. Not they are factory made but the term mod has stuck. There? also called PV’s personal vaporizor

IndoorSmokers says:

Yea the Provari Mini is awesome as well. It’s basically the same thing? it just uses a smaller battery than the original

John Belushi says:

Hey,? what do you mean when you say “MOD”? Modification?

moayyadt1000 says:

what do think? about the provari mini

tea jay says:

tom hanks!?

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