Best E-cig Mod for Beginners – Joyetech Ego T 2

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I feel the Ego T 2 E-cig Mod is probably your best bet if you have never used an ecig mod before. Get the Ego T 2 Here: Joyetech…


jake martens says:

Haha ok, I love your videos and I show all? my friends. I’m surprised more people don’t watch your videos but I’m getting all my friends to subscribe so hopefully that will change.

TiaVapes says:

What about the Ego-C??

jopmiseh123 says:

Don’t know much about? this mod stuff for the e cigs but still shows me a better option.

jopmiseh123 says:

Thanks for the info man I smoke a lot of black and milds, usually the wood tip so my first impression was that I wouldn’t get the same flavor but I know there? pretty bad for you but I’m going to try this out for an healthier option, thanks a lot :)

IndoorSmokers says:

Battery replacement cost is a good point, I didn’t bring that up in the video but you can get 18650′s for around $10 to $12. Plus the 2000mah vs 1100mah means the battery is gonna last almost twice as long? between charges.

stevemal2001 says:

The Ego T is not bad, it is a good mod for beginners. I know the fact it only has 2 settings is a disadvantage, but like you said with a couple of 18650 batteries and a charger,? you can upgrade mods fairly cheaply. The Ego Twist is good too, you have more variables to vape at, but you have to replace the batteries at $20 a pop, when you can get 18650′s cheaper.

IndoorSmokers says:

Thanks Jake, I agree. I plan to do an Ego T2 vs the Ego C Twist tonight just for that guy:) Usually when people say oh that one sucks this other mod is soo much? better, they don’t realize I have the other one too! So in this case I can easily put his statement to the test and try them side by side. Anyway gives me another excuse for a video, and sometimes I run out of ideas so I don’t mind:) LOL

jake martens says:

Ego t is not terrible. It is a reliable e cig especially for a person with? a tight budget

IndoorSmokers says:

Yea that’s a good idea, I’ll try to get some good recomendation? on the forum, and then do a side by side comparison of atomizers. I am always looking for the best atomizer, so that review would be useful for me as well.

Uninformed Citizen says:

Should do a video on dripping, atomizers and tanks. There’s so much out there its hard to know which? are best and which to avoid

Lord Baltimore says:

ego T? is terrible, go with the ego C Twist

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