Beginner’s Guide to E-Cig Vocabulary

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A quick overview of the confusing words people in the e-cig world like to toss around presented in rapid format.


Rhianna Murphy says:

Jesus Christ that was a lot to take in. But thank you. ?

runekey says:


Will Pryor says:

Don’t forget VAMO, SVD, and other tube style regulated mods. I have a
hardon for box mods, but tube mods are still there. ?

Genesis Yachnik says:

Cute (: I disagree a bit with the part about cartomizers though. They’re
not only for cigalikes. seems like they’re used mire commonly in tanks.
Through a LR carto in a tank and vape to your heart’s content with little
to no hassle. Much less aggravation that most clearos I’ve tried. ?

Ryan Seagren says:

dont watch this drunk?

Robert Hinkle says:

very nice i know people this will help?

Stephen Reed says:

You are the awesome.?

Danger Dan says:

This is great.?

CactuarJack says:

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