Beginners Guide, eGo Electronic Cigarettes: e-Liquid/Nicotine, Clearomizer Refill/Coil Replacment

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Beginners Guide to eGo based Electronic Cigarettes, 00:58 Step 1 e-Liquid/Nicotine (VG+PG / Nicotine Strengths) 02:17 Step 2 Battery/Cartomizer 04:33 Step 3 …


icysilver1 says:

thank you for this vid. i have just started with ego after smoking 2 packs
a day for over 20 years. i have been analog cig free a week now.?

supa dan says:

Nice..I bought an ego a week ago with the disposable cartomizer and as I
was watching I was getting a smoke taste..I re screwed the mouthpiece back
on tightly and the flavor was back lol good info though thanks

buddubman says:

do these have nicotine in them?

LK Vapor says:

I like your T-shirt.It is cute… What are you looking at when you
introduce us your service ?^_^

renwar bagg says:

hi there ,, my question …(does the coils needs to be replaced !! ),,
there are no other options ? thanks

toxiin15 says:

Hey I was wondering if they have nicotine in them as well .?

Santa Clara Vapors says:

Hey Renwar, Yes you will be required to change the coil when it burns out,
there are no other options, except buying a new tank. If you prefer
disposable tanks with no replaceable coil, you’ll need to toss them when
their coil burns out, and grab an entirely new tank!

Santa Clara Vapors says:

Todd: Haha Thanks! We have a teleprompter in place, that day we were unable
to get it above the camera haha.

CounterCultureTV says:

Yes they do I have pear level it’s the shit.

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