Beginners E-Cigarette Cheapest and How to Get Started Vaping

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Some friends asked me to recommend the best e-cigarette for the cheapest money for a good enough vaping experience for them to see if they could do this in order to stop smoking. Here’s the best I’ve found so far, the Madvapes Disposable E-Cig 510. In this video, I show how I arrived at this conclusion, the un-boxing, how it vapes, and how to get started using it, since this e-cig does not come with any instructions. Please stop smoking, however you can do it, for yourself, your family, others who love you, and your wallet. music by Kevin MacLeod – Thank you Kevin for your free royalty-free music Filmed with a Kodak Zi8 Edited in Windows 7 with Windows Live Movie Maker


japimportssuck says:

haha steeljan? you’re a cool lady.

hazel7797 says:

A great help . . . thanks for? that so much!

eCigaretteSmoker says:

Cheapest isn’t always the best. Like you I prefer e-cigarette mods like eGo or Innokin’s MVP vaporizer, but for beginners I always recommend V2 Cigs… try this coupon for 10% off ECIGARETTEREVIEW

chimchimtex says:

Good? video :)

charlesjones32787 says:

Nice video…I’ve been smoking for about 13 years and I’m only 25…I? bought a similar e cig at walmart called mistic e cig ( same one as yours just a different company)…I’ve been cigarette free for going on 3 weeks now…I’m looking to get a more advanced e cig that’s refillable and doesn’t have the disposable cartriges can you reccomend a good one?

antossss says:

Hey guys i have just? uploaded a 5 part vaping for beginners video,please check out my chanel,thanks.

ChocolateySweetKiss says:

yup thats? to much money,im just goin to buy the real thing…

cleliaidauery says:

Receive a Totally free Electronic Cigarette Trial starter Kit, Dont wait around too long before the offer is eliminated. Check it? out at:

SirspankyJ says:

Ordered the disposables as suggested by these videos and I am very dissapointed. The stregth is sooo weak..

My wife? was smoking camels me malboro menthol lights, ordered the menthol/non and the 510 is just too weak. Let battery charge 3 hours still weak.

Dea Williams says:

Thank you so much for taking time to make these videos!! We purchased the “disposable” 510 (one regular, one menthol) that you suggested here. I’m a little confused as to what to do next now that we both know we want to continue to vape, and like it! Is there a modifier I should get and use parts of what I have now, or do you have? a suggestion for the next step up? Thank you so much if you have time to answer. I live close to MadVapes, but will order from other sites you suggest.

Madeline Woe says:

Thanks for your help! I am gonna do the disposable as? you reviewed. Did you like the flavor of the 510?

johanna longden says:

i got a tank model from A site called vapouriz, how do i tell when atomiser runs? out 4me to buy new one? will the vape get less? or less throat hit?

johanna longden says:

crumbs ur lively bet ur born again? i? am xx hey sis

steeljan says:

There are many great 510 devices out now, the Ego batteries are much more powerful than they were when I made this video. Hoosierecigs has a great selection of products in all ranges. The Volt is still a great product too and is handy for folks wanting? a one-stop shopping experience. I’m fine with the Volt eliquids, Desert Joe and Watermelon are my favs. But you can put pretty much any eliquid you like in them.

sarriersguy says:

also what do u think of the volt how it compares? to the 510 and what e liqiud is good for the volt (your opion)

sarriersguy says:

ok thanks for the? help

steeljan says:

That’s the million-dollar question. Each person has to find an eliquid that tastes and works best for them. My current favorite is Gotvapes Lasso as? a tobacco flavor and Clouds of Vapor Butterscotch for my sweet flavor.

sarriersguy says:

what do u think is the best e liquid for the 510 ?

CriticalTh1nker says:

…Upon performing a search that was prompted by? vague and false answers given by “support staff”, I found numerous complaints by unwitting Americans, to Consumer Affairs. The company is located in China, and as a result, the complainants will probably have no recourse. This is a red flag for me.

I then found the two I previously mentioned; both of which, offer no option to substitute flavors that are part of their “kits” with choices of your own. My next search led me here.

CriticalTh1nker says:

I’m on my second patch and using this awful tasting, 3 part, Neo-Smoke E-cig (that I purchased at a home center, here in Japan) to combat the mental craving; of course, it’s nicotine free. E-liquid of my choice would be nice, but since that’s not an in-store option, and I’ve only one battery – I’ve been site hopping.

The first site I found ( really got me excited; as their ordering structure exceeds the inflexibility? of MadVapes and Totallywicked; however…

xTheAfterbirth says:

I wish i could get this? for christmas :/ i didn’t know you had to replace them every so often….. hmm… maybe i’ll try them..

steveoman2005 says:

WOW? i just got one from Crazyvapes com and? i LOVE it

steeljan says:

Congratulations!!! Here’s? hoping you are about to never touch another cigarette!!! Happy Holidays!

rustbulk says:

ordered my first? Ecig! Joye Ego!

James Rogers says:

I have found that the electronic cigarettes sold anywhere retail to be a ripoff. I’ve been shopping at the “atomicvaporz” website. They have the cheapest prices I have found on kits as well as free shipping.? Happy Vaping guys!

steeljan says:

Totally. I had to put in that 7-11 one because I’ll bet most people who are curious about trying ecigs are going to pick up one of those and decide that ecigs suck. Just gotta get the word out to folks that there are good ecigs that can help them stop smoking. ? Cheers!

alonzo9772 says:

Whoa that one that you said you found at the 7-11 was HORRIBLE. Even my blu cig that alot of people say doesn’t produce? enough vapor, is way better than that.

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