An Introduction to Electronic Cigarettes for Beginners

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queenform says:

Looks like her dildo collection?

ecigstoquit says:

no problem,? I really support electronic cigarettes so anyone who is out there educating people about them gets my full support

ItsAMeMario0813 says:

What company is she talking about that make? a lot of the 0% nicotine e juices so I can still enjoy vaping without the harm to my health

ecigadvanced says:

She? was a little nervous, but a valid point.

ecigadvanced says:


ecigadvanced says:

Thank? you!

ecigadvanced says:

I never miss normal cigs. That’s for sure.?

Shack Lfc says:

Might start on these things. Getting sick of normal cigs now, getting out of breath everytime i walk up the stairs and? everything, these seem a healthier alternative.

ecigstoquit says:

very useful? video

ThePolarDivide says:

TheStarfkr says:

I love it when a smoker converts to vaping. However, I cringe when I hear a non-smoker taking up vaping. I mean,? it’s one thing if you are doing 0% nicitine but if you are doing the normal nicotine version then it’s upsetting to hear.

delronwilliams1978 says:

I’m new? to vapin community myself!!!I’ve been a smoker for 17 years, and vapin now is the best life changer for me, and I’m glad I made the right decision!!! Very good video, and I also subscribe to ur community

1957stephen says:

great info as I am new to this world but seem to be coming well educated in? it through people like you keep it up.

Odddish says:

That counter made? the “uhmms” much more distracting than if you just hadn’t pointed them out in the first place.

Abby Olmstead says:

Thanks everyone! I’m just passionate about getting people off analogs! I don’t want the new guys to be overwhelmed or intimidated either. Not everyone can have a mentor with them so they turn to the Internet. I’m hoping ecigadvanced can be a place where they can be comfortable to ask questions and get encouragement as they go! I hope if you have? someone on the fence about switching, my video might give them that push they need. :-)

Jason Boyse says:

Great? Video!!!

tonedeafvapes says:

thank you i don’t feel so bad about saying uhm so much in? my videos lol

Wendy Monson says:

There were gratuitous uhms in there, the counter exaggerates.

Great video? :)

Candi McCann says:

This reminds me of the “but uhm” drinking game on How I Met Your Mother.

This video addresses a need. I? have seen way too many instances of, a first time poster to a forum getting insulted and pressured into spending all kinds of money.

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