A PBusardo Video – Beginners Guide to E-Cigs and E-Cig Tech

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A PBusardo Video – Beginners Guide to E-Cigs and E-Cig Tech A look at vaping, e-cigs, and e-cig tech. Review for some, brand new information for others. Let’s start off the new year by welcoming all the new vapers! Links seen in this video: www.the12volt.com www.ohmslawcalculator.com Topics discussed in this video: Main parts of an E-Cig, Atomizers, cartomizers, & clearomizers, Resistance, Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage/Power, Amp limitations, Mean vs. RMS settings and measurements If you feel this video can help others PLEASE do share it!


pbusardo says:

GREAT company to be in!?

pbusardo says:

I appreciate that!!?

pbusardo says:


pbusardo says:

Awesome! Thank you!?

pbusardo says:

Thanks so much Dave! A real honor!?

pbusardo says:

OPA!! Wait till you see what’s next ;-) ?

pbusardo says:

Wow!? Thank you!

pbusardo says:

Thanks so much? Si!

pbusardo says:

Ha!? That’s awesome!! Thanks!!

pbusardo says:

Ha!? “Angles” should be the intro video for this one! :-) Thanks!

pbusardo says:

My pleasure!?

pbusardo says:

Thank you!?

pbusardo says:


godtvone says:

Good video! You? are on the top with grimmgreen :)

SmellingPimp80 says:

That was a great video Phil. I think that broke things down so people can understand other things about e-cigs. I am so glad you did? this video buddy.

ricktayax says:

Very? informational indeed

runninonempiy says:


Dave Marshall says:

Fantastic information here Phil. Thanks for all? you do for the vaping community, and congrats on being voted #1 reviewer of 2012!

jay poma says:

Kir? Fanis…OPA!

DirtyDangler25 says:

This video should be plastered across the top of every forum and website having anything to do with vaping all across the internet! Would make things so much easier for people in the beginning. You’re doing good things? Phil!

Si Robinson says:

Nice vid Phil, i think you’re the first person? who’s done a vid on this subject that makes it easier to understand and not confuse the hell out of everybody.

Well done fella

Jeff Hudson says:

Well like it or not I had to share this with you Phil. My 6 year old son loves you and your videos so much that he has begun doing his own reviews complete? with thumbs up and thumbs down at the end and demands crowds come and listen as he describes them! lol. I was in hysterics and had no idea you would be so inspirational to even a 6 year old boy! lol. Thought you might get a kick out of it! Hope all is well!

chuckupnow says:

The most impressive part is that the video only lasted a hair over 30min with so many bases covered. The best video? since ” the many angles of vaping”, which in my opinion was the vaping video of the year.

reubDY says:

Yay finally a video from you that I can link to newbies over on ECF? along with one of Grimm’s “introduction to vaping” type videos. Thanks Phil!

broncobob2000 says:

Great video Phil ..nice Mod to?

pbusardo says:

If I’m a teacher do I get the summer off? :-) Thanks!!

Deadeye0815 says:

Very very VERY nice Vid . Thank you Phil and “Frohes Neues Jahr”? form Germany ;)

DrunkTube08 says:

thanks for the quick reply back phil, think i will grab one this coming pay day, and? who knows i may do reviews one day!

Ryan Smith says:

May be your most important video to? date or ever.

When Phil is talking about resistance and wire think of a toaster. When you push down the handle power goes to the wire in the toaster and it gets red hot to toast the bread. Same thing and same wire.

Don’t be intimidated by all the information, you will catch on quickly. Personally I went from a beginner to making my own juice in two months and a month later going onto the rebuildable coils. pbusardo, grimmgreen and igetcha69 are teachers.

Simon Willson says:

Top video Phil … added to my standard info for newbies repertoire :)
Hope the New Year treats you and your wonderful family well , you are a great ambassador for the? community , thanks so much for all your work in 2012 , …. I dont think 2013 is gonna be easier for you tho lol !
Cheers mate (Fatman )

Steven Themins says:

This is perfect. I’ve been vaping for like 4-6 months and as I started to get intersted and do some research I was completely overwhelmed. Luckily I pushed through and found? your reviews and grimm green and it completely set me back on the right footing(First video of yours I saw was the Pina Colada from TV, got plenty of lols from me).

I was thinking of making some post of my own to help noobs understand what’s going on but this does a much better job than I ever could have. Keep it up!

VinFish says:

Awesome? newbie Video Phil.. (* I sent the link to several folks in need of the education :)
Happy New Year to you and your family brother. God Bless.

zippersnapper07 says:

Great Vid as always? Phil, and Happy New Year to ya.
Is it me, or did you loose your High Def web Cam?

Really grainy vids lately…

PalimPalim74 says:

Very well done. Not only for unexperienced esmokers. :-) ?

deities1 says:

Happy 2013? Phil!

TheGoodfella973 says:

Thank you? for the video. Its very informative. God Bless.

Dale Kamp says:

Just shared. Awesome.?

Quoiyaien says:

I cant wait to see your review of the MiD!! I am definitely looking forward to this one! I? was going to pre order one, but I figured I’d wait to see a review or two on it before I ordered… looks promising!

pbusardo says:

Yeah, I know,? I got the MiD in the back of my mind!! :-)

pbusardo says:

Cool! ? Thanks!

pbusardo says:

I’ll be happy when you’re at 0 cigs per day!!!?

pbusardo says:


pbusardo says:

Awesome!? Thank you!

pbusardo says:

No? need, that’s what you got me for! :-)

pbusardo says:

Nice!! I just so happen to be using a mod from Finland in this review!?

Bryan Tandoc says:

Imagine how much more info you’d need? to add next year! =D Nice work, Phil!

WolfesReign says:

Thanks for the video, though the beginning killed me ;) just wanted to say that the blackberry play book has a nice ohm’s law app? too :D

Anthony Song says:

Thanks for your videos. I just started December 29th, 2012 because a friend got me one as? a gift. He gave me the basics, some juices and links to your videos. I have now gone from 1 pack a day to 3-4 cigs a day!

TheBeasag says:

Happy New Year Phil (from Scotland), and thanks for all the vids. Just 5 months into vaping and? working it out. All the best

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