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The big tobacco companies have launched an assault on the emerging so-called “e-cigarette” market as their sales figures for traditional leaf products go up in smoke, at least in mature western markets.

E-ciggies have been around for about a decade and use a liquid nicotine product. Users “vape”, creating a new dictionary entry. Its makers say the vapour produced is harmless, so the product can be used in places cigarettes are banned. But the tobacco companies new products use a solid form of tobacco which some doctors say will be just as dangerous.

Bans on advertising are also able to be outmanouvered, say critics. And there’s a quality issue.

“The vast majority of these products are manufactured in bulk in China, and it’s very, very easy for someone to set up their own electronic cigarette company,” says tobacco expert Shane MacGuill

However more and more production is coming to Europe and the USA, and slick marketing, say anti-smoking campaigners, is trying to make lighting up fashionable again. With the health implications still little-understood and the deep pockets of big tobacco hard to counter, many people are concerned.

My unbiased view of Blu. Do Not Buy!! Listen Carefully.

Was ist elektrisches Rauchen ? erklärt es Ihnen.
Die E-Zigarre oder E-Zigarette ermöglichen dem Raucher wieder aktiv am Gesellschaftsleben teilzunehmen ohne diskriminiert zu werden und niemanden sonst zu schädigen oder zu belästigen.
Nikotingerüche bleiben aus, da nur Wasserdampf mit Aromastoffen (und Nikotin) inhaliert wird, der dem Raucher die gewünschte Menge Nikotin zuführt.
Diese Produkte brennen nicht wie herkömmliche Zigaretten, sie werden elektronisch betrieben. Es entsteht Rauch (Dampf) aber keine Asche – da kein Verbrennungsvorgang stattfindet!
Elektrisches Rauchen bietet ab sofort jedem Raucher viele Vorteile.
• Keine krebserregenden Stoffe mehr inhalieren!
• Verbesserung des Geruchs – und Geschmacksinnes binnen kurzer Zeit.
• Zuhause Rauchen wir möglich – auch in Anwesenheit der Kinder, da diese fortan nicht geschädigt werden.
• Verbesserung des Wohnklimas!
Der Finanzminister die „Strafsteuer für Raucher“ hebt, Sie kostet es nur mehr ein müdes Lächeln!

Electronic Cigarettes, all the information you need: An electronic cigarette is a battery-run smoking device that serves as a healthier substitute over the regular, tobacco-filled cigarettes. Such cigarettes are electronic replicas of the real cigarettes, and look, taste and feel almost similar to them. E cigarette, however, does not possess the harmful substances, such as tobacco and toxins, that are contained in cigarettes, and thus cut down on the health and environmental risks attributed to smoking cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular among smokers, and there are several top brands today that have already captured the market. If you are a first-timer to this world of electronic, clean, and healthy smoking, then a brief look at what all these products are about can make your choice simpler. E cigarettes reviewed: SmokeStik E-Cigarettes LUCI Electronic Cigarettes Green Smoke Blu Cigs Njoy Cigarettes Royal Blues Cooler Visions Smoke Assist Smart Smoker Visit to find out more!

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Invented in Asia about a decade ago, the electronic cigarette has taken off among smokers, many of whom see it as a cheaper alternative to tobacco and a good way of giving up. Even some non-smokers are also starting to use them. The jury is still out however on the potential health risks linked, for example, to solvents used in the devices.VIDEOGRAPHIC

President of LOGIC Premium Electronic Cigarettes Miguel Martin interviewed on FOX 5′s hit morning show “Good Day New York”. To learn more about LOGIC product…

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A group of urban health officials on Thursday urged the Food and Drug Administration to go beyond the regulations it proposed last week for e-cigarettes and treat them like regular cigarettes. In an open letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, the Big Cities Health Coalition noted that the FDA has nothing in its proposed regulations that would govern the advertising of e-cigarettes, which it said often targets the youth market.

Bertrand Dautzenberg, pneumologue et président de l’Office français de prévention du tabagisme (OFT), était sur le plateau de BFM Story. En deux ans, la cigarette électronique a réussi à séduire les jeunes, et selon une étude publiée ce jour, l’explosion de l’usage de la cigarette électronique s’est accompagnée d’une baisse très nette du nombre de jeunes fumeurs. Le président de Paris sans tabac, Bertrand Dautzenberg qui est à l’initiative de l’étude, se félicite du résultat car selon lui, la cigarette électronique n’est pas pour autant une porte d’entrée vers le tabac.

Sometimes we can overfill the Electronic Cigarette and when this happens it gives off a strange sound at the same time not producing the plume of smoke you o…

The VUSE e-cigarette presented by R.J. Reynolds looks appealing, hopefully it lives up to all this hype. Credit to http://www.electroniccigaretteconsumerrevi…

A quick overview of the confusing words people in the e-cig world like to toss around presented in rapid format.
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